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Making Damascus Guns
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1925 Silent Film
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Chartered Insurance
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Remington Double Shotguns
contains picture of a salesman's sample
with named types of Damascus patterns
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Jean Puraye
Le Damas
Puraye is the beginning of modern
research into Forge Welded
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Jean Puraye
American Rifleman Articles April &
May 1976
based on Le Damas
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Report of the Gun Foundry Board,
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Manufacture of Damascus Gun
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Parker Catalog 1899
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Industrial History of Birmingham
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The World of Beretta: An
International Legend
Some good images of early Italian Damascus
production, but you have to "hunt" to find them.  
Still the only modern source
Edward Henry Knight
Reports of the United States
Commissioners to the Paris
Universal, 1880
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Marolles P
An essay on shooting [based on La
Chasse au Fusil]
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