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Making Damascus Barrels - The Movie
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The Making of Damascus Barrels
A 1925 Documentary Film

          By 1924, a once thriving industry was coming to an end.  Just 20 years before the
    production of side by side shotgun barrels had reached over 150,000 barrels a year in
    Belgium.  A documentary film maker was contracted to produce a 2 reeler ( a 24 minute
    silent movie ) so that the skill, craft and art of nearly 300 years would not be lost to the ages.  
    The high production volume depended on the mechanization of many steps.  The film takes
    us back to an even earlier time when all the steps were accomplished by hand.

         The playing time is approximately 23 minutes.  The film has been digitally enhanced to
    bring out some of the details that were lost in the shadows.  A sound track has been added
    to provide background music.  Subtitles have been added to help the viewer understand
    what the barrel makers are doing.

         The film begins with a visual survey of the small barrel making shops of Nessonvaux.  
    Then we are taken to meet the actual barrel makers.  We watch with fascination as the
    skilled workers using the most basic of tools twist the billets to create a pattern.  Slowly the
    riband is formed.  They then wrap the riband around a mandrel to form a rough tube.   Once
    this is completed, we leave their forge and are taken to a second forge.  In this shop, the
    rough tube is heated and shaped with numerous trips to the anvil.  Finally a barrel emerges!  

         Our next stop is the grinding shop.  At this point, the film maker shows only the most
    elementary steps.  Then we are shown the barrel being etched with sulfuric acid.  This was
    mostly like done only to match barrel patterns between similar tubes, as finishing with
    sulfuric was not a permanent finish.

         There are some close up views of various patterns, including a barrel with the name
    Zenobe Gramme ( a Belgian Engineer who invented the electric motor ) woven into the
    barrel.   We have an opportunity to see Delcour-Dupont and his son.  Finally, we are taken
    on a short visual tour of  the now abandoned industrial park.

         When viewing the film, it is amazing to watch skill of the barrel smiths.  They waste not a
    strike of the hammer nor turn of the mandrel.  

         We realize that not all the steps could have been included in a short documentary.  We
    wish we could have witnessed the barrel honing process.  We wish we could have seen the
    highly mechanized production methods that we know had been developed.   After viewing
    this documentary we find a myriad of  questions are answered about Damascus barrel  
    produced in the tradition manner.   You will find yourself speaking with a new authority about  
    Damascus barrel fabrication.  
    We are already working on the next film....


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